F Series

  • Temperature limiter, excellent for motor and winding protection, and ballast for tubular fluorescent lamps
  • Contact form: Single pole, single throw; open on temperature rise
  • Snap action device; quick break/quick make switching action
  • Rated load:
    8 A 250 VAC (resistive load)
    3 A 250 VAC (inductive load)
  • Calibration OFF temperature selectable from +50°C to +150°C in 1°C increments
  • Factory preset fixed calibration temperature
  • Calibration tolerance customizable to either ±5 K or ±10 K
  • Differential, depending on no-load calibration temperature, ranging from 10 K to 70 K
  • Maximum sensor head temperature of +180°C
  • Bimetallic element carries the circuit current;
    current sensitivity can be customized using the specific resistance of the bimetal
  • Customization of the lead wire and insulation is possible
  • Approvals: VDE, UL, CSA
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