• Pipe mount thermostat (thermal control) with capillarry sensing element
  • Incorporated thermostat TU series
    Contact form: Single pole single throw, open on temperature rise, or double-throw.
    Rated load:
    16 A 250 VAC (resistive load),
    5 A 250 VAC (inductive load),
    Adjusting temperature range: 30 to 90°C
    Differential: 4 K
  • Plastic case with thermowell and cable gland
    Internal termination: Quick connect terminals 6,3×0,8 mm or screw terminals (Standard).
    Max. switch head temperature: 80°C,
    Class II Control,
    Protection Class: IP40,
    Colour of case: White, brown or orange,
    Colour of knob: White or black,
    Assembly with fitting spring to pipes with a diameter of 3/4″ to 3″.
  • Sensing Element:
    Material: Stainless steel,
  • Approvals: CE, incorporated thermostat only: ENEC (EN 60 730-1 and EN 60 730-2-9), UL