• LS Series

LS Series

  • Sub-miniature NTC thermistor with insulated lead wires

R/T Characteristic:

  • Very large portfolio of standard and customer-specific R/T curves
  • Nominal resistance R(25°C) customizable: 2.252 Ω to 30 kΩ
  • B-values (25/85) depending on the R(25°C) value: 3.000 K to 5.000 K
  • Accuracy:
    Interchangeable NTC with very high accuracy of e.g. ± 0,1 K in between 0°C to 90°C,
    customer-specific customization of interval and accuracy possible
    point-matched NTC with high accuracy in between ± 1% to ± 10%


  • Sensor head:
    Kapton and epoxy-resin encapsulated sensor head
    with diameters of 0.5 mm, 0.9 mm, or bigger, optionally with enforced encapsulation
  • Lead wires: Wire gages of AWG 32 to 28, optionally twisted wire, double-wire, or single wire with insulation
  • Operating temperatures: -40°C to 125°C